15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 is a song by TP-TH-7 under Speedy series.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I thought 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 would be a great experience. Without this 200-BPM song, I would never expected to have experience. Don't worry about it, it'll fill you up as soon as you dance to this song. Everything seems to be a great time when my band and I work together. This song amuse everyone else that are my friends, too. Maybe we got to grab our gang, and we'll start working together one of these days. I am looking forward in the future, because the Moment Spirit's expecting to release their album in 2019 instead of 2018.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Nothing else could beat up into the song like this one, 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87. I wanted to make people attention too, but I get too busy sometimes. I'll never delete this song, no matter what. I really like the tunes, and so do everyone else in my group.

Yuri MotoEdit

15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 is a great, fast electronic song. I'll never stop thinking about it. We did pretty good over this song, too.



  • Alongside with about most of the songs for CHALLENGE chart like Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 experience having the same amount of jumps and freeze arrows.
  • 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 almost became Boss Rush series. EXPERT chart is rated 13.
  • 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87 share the same BPM with Stress and Fascination In The Sky.
  • Both BEGINNER and LIGHT charts rated the same as level 5.
  • As what Tsukiko Uchida interviewed, the Moment Spirit postponed their first album to release for the 2019 season instead of 2018.
    • At least all Moment Spirit remixes are finished.
    • The Moment Spirit was formed in 2009, and TP-TH-7 formed five years after.
  • The background and jacket feature the original artists, TP-TH-7, with Tomiko Kai on the left, Tsukiko Uchida on the center, and Yuri Moto on the right.