911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION is a revived song that by TP-TH-7, and is currently under Move It series.


Song InterviewEdit

Removal Reason by Tsukiko Uchida: 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION and ALTERNATE get along well together. On hand, I realize that we may deleted ALTERNATE because of the glitch, so I thought to be best if 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION be removed from our list for good. And guess what? We're gonna have a better song and replacement with better background and graphics. Please talk to Yuri Moto, and Tomiko Kai, and I about this, because this is really important. At least I still have my idea, but thanks for Krista Ulrich for letting us know what to do.

PLEASE NOTE: All interviews are after revival.

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Krista Ulrich stated that we have Faultflex remixes that we've been working on lately, so we decided to revive 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION with brand new graphics, which don't have our idols shown. It was even mistaken earlier, so that's why I was wrong about all that, but good thing we got this cool song back!

Tomiko Kai Edit

I joined the composition with Tsukiko Uchida and Yuri Moto before the song was removed and revived, but the graphics are even much better though.

Yuri Moto Edit

Now, that's the way it is, now we all arrange this song after this song has been revived.

Charts Edit

Level 2 4 6 10 11
Max Combos 92 196 250 344 405
Jumps 18 34 30 37 60
Freeze 16 34 18 38 33



  • The new graphics features Sky High Girl, who is along with a short-pigtailed girl, and a masked boy.
    • The old background and jacket of 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION features Naoki Maeda (red hair), Junko Karashima (pink hair) and Yuichi Asami (blue hair).
      • Since the song was removed for good, it can't resist of having BEMANI artists anymore, and so does reviving a song.
      • This song was replaced by Snacks, Files, and a Fairy for the BEMANI artists in graphics.
  • 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION was removed for just about six months, but was later revived in a year after the Moment Spirit members met TP-TH-7.