A Thousand Markers was the removed song by TP-TH-7. One of the members had reasons. The song itself was replaced by following songs: AIRTIME-G with its similar BPM, and by Have Gotten a Thousand Markers with its song title and music similarities.

Removal InterviewEdit

Yuri MotoEdit

I am so through and I'm tired of having this song with stops coming through my mind. Tsukiko Uchida and I have composed this, but Tomiko Kai didn't care if this song has stops or not, but this is 130 BPM, and Tsukiko didn't like how the key signature goes. I have a better idea to get through this, but sadly Tsukiko loves the graphics to that song. There's no worries about it, but I want that song going, because it's got stops! I'd perfer the 130-BPM songs without stops, like Sky High Girl, TECH-PROJECT -フレッシュテクノロジー-, Dancing Dead (The Moment Spirit Remix), and MAKE IT UP (Trace of Techno 130 Remix) do. My idol Naoki Maeda doesn't add stops to a couple of his 130-BPM songs AM-3P and DO ME (H.I.G.E.O. MIX). Neither does Tsukiko's idol Yuichi Asami over Taking It To The Sky and Surrender (PureFocus Remix). That's what my idea is all about. So now, afterwards, A Thousand Markers is removed for good.



  • A Thousand Markers is permanently removed, due to Yuri Moto's reasons.
  • A Thousand Markers is replaced by AIRTIME-G and Have Gotten a Thousand Markers, which means it is unable to be revived.