All Things When Things Go Crazy ~Faultflex mix~ is a Faultflex remix of a Move It series song "All Things When Things Go Crazy" by TP-TH-7 under Speedy series and Faultflex remixes.

All Things When Things Go Crazy ~Faultflex mix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

After INEXPERIENCED, my mind has been blown away, and this Faultflex remix from the song that fits through the YouTube video, that's all I might be doing. Yeah, and so on... we're going to handle this!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Well, I suppose this is the great experience. I'm not wrong about all that.

Yuri MotoEdit

Well, if this is worth is, might as well we'll get it started.



  • At the beginning of this remix, its CHALLENGE chart is exactly like its original's CHALLENGE chart, but it acts like 240 BPM, instead of 120 BPM (original's BPM).
    • The 1/16th notes from the original is now 1/8th notes, while the 1/8th notes from the original are now 1/4th notes in second and fourth beats of every measures.
  • The graphics show the same BEMANI artists as the original's graphics. Same there, the camera might be taken.
    • Kosuke Saito is too close to the camera, Ryutaro Nakahara is caught with broken chair, Junko Karashima caught Osamu Migitera, and Naoki Maeda and Sota Fujimori being disgusted due to Yuichi Asami, who is throwing up.
  • Just like the original, it also ends with the music playing.
  • Just like other songs, its CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows.