Along with the Clarity is a song composed and arranged by TP-TH-7. It is under the ownership of Move It series for being up to 175 BPM.

Along with the Clarity

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Along with the Clarity is the song you'd better watch out for the BPM change in the beginning, and also speed-up action. Even graphics too! It was a fun song for at least, but it looks like our idols are being attached to the horse body. Thanks! Now, one of these days, this is one of the seven songs I've been looking for.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Now, it's the time to get used to three of our idols, attached to the body in this song's graphics. Nothing else would've said it after LEGEND being too stubborn for not being 200 BPM, that Faultflex BPM we're looking forward into.

Yuri MotoEdit

The song is just too good for our fans to enjoy. I never thought it was worth than having Army of Strengths BPM to this.

Charts Edit

Level 3 5 7 13 15
Max Combos 110 206 277 370 442
Jumps 21 21 23 47 75
Freeze 6 15 33 25 13



  • The strange facts about Along with the Clarity's background feels like Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, and Naoki Maeda have their heads attaching to the horse-bodied body.
    • Tsukiko Uchida says this in her interview. It's also their idols.
  • It is a Move It series song, but it changes BPM in the beginning. It was down to 88 BPM, which is the reference of 87.5 BPM (rounding).
  • This song has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows on its CHALLENGE chart, which is also the same as the other songs with it, like Elastic Wings (one that changed BPM in the beginning too).