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Make sure you get these guys right! (Oh, and the heroes to, as well!)

Dance Dance Revolution is owned by BEMANI and KONAMI. In this best case, some of TP-TH-7 songs have the best BEMANI Artist Connections in their graphics.

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  • There's always no connections with them over heavy-metal remixes, except for some Moment Spirit remixes, and one of Darkest Hour remixes.
  • The LEGEND series has all of them with just Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, and Naoki Maeda on their jackets and backgrounds.
    • It did not have Sota on the older graphics, but is added after the fix.
    • Also, Whole Awakening series is special with this. These songs always have Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, Naoki Maeda, Kosuke Saito, and Yasuhiro Taguchi in the graphics.
  • All of the TP-TH-7 graphics with BEMANI artists have Yuichi Asami in them. It is possible that Yuichi Asami is Tsukiko Uchida's favorite DDR artist (due to being an artist to "Fascination ~eternal love mix~").
  • Each of every TP-TH-7 members have their favorite DDR artists.
    • Tsukiko Uchida's favorite DDR artist is Yuichi Asami.
    • Tomiko Kai's favorite DDR artist is Sota Fujimori.
    • Yuri Moto's favorite DDR artist is Naoki Maeda.
  • Yuichi Asami, on every songs' graphics always have blue on him.
    • Tsukiko Uchida's favorite color blue, and Yuichi Asami is her idol, so the graphic designers decided to make him have blue on him every single graphics he's on.
    • Two HERO STAR songs don't have Yuichi Asami, due to Tsukiko not arranging those songs. Tomiko's arrangement has Sota Fujimori only, and Yuri's arrangement has Naoki Maeda only. Tsukiko's arrangement has Yuichi Asami only.
  • Naoki Maeda in some graphics has a book or reading a book. It is possible that Yuri Moto loves books.
  • When Tsukiko Uchida interviewed over Blue (In One's Life Mix), she uses their aliases: Des-ROW (Osamu Migitera), Sho-T (Shoichiro Hirata), NAOKI (Naoki Maeda), SySF (Sota Fujimori), TAG (Yasuhiro Taguchi), and U1 (Yuichi Asami).
  • After interviewing with Stress, Tsukiko Uchida has ideas with juices that each of BEMANI Artists are carrying with them around in background and jacket: NAOKI Cherry (Yuri's favorite), Ryu★ Orange (Megumi's favorite), SySF Lemon (Tomiko's favorite), jun Lime (Katsuro's favorite), U1 Blue Raspberry (Tsukiko's favorite), D-crew Grape (Kasumi's favorite), and kors k Strawberry (Haruka's favorite).
  • Funny moment in Dancing Dead (The Moment Spirit Remix) shows Tsukiko Uchida laughing because Yuichi Asami is in the background of a song's background. The entire band laughed at it too, but it's just only Tsukiko's idol.