Beat-To-Beat Movement is a song by TP-TH-7 under Move It series.

Beat-To-Beat Movement

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Ever since I was a child, I met Haruka Sato in elementary school. Then, I met Tomiko Kai when Yuri Moto moved into Tokyo, and then I met her. We both wanted to dance as we are teenagers or adults. This kind of reminds me of beat style, and DDR has always been our favorite video game since then. Dancing and partying is more fun than doing school work! Get on the dance floor!!

Tomiko KaiEdit

What I have done before is to find another synthesizer, and I played them for this song. This has always been my favorite instrument since I was a little kid. Synth songs are the kind I play. Currently.

Yuri MotoEdit

The childhood memory has got to me why Katsuro Takahashi's mother is my mother's sister. This always never end.

Charts Edit

Level 4 5 7 10 14
Max Combos 159 190 231 328 423
Jumps 12 34 35 35 75
Freeze 13 19 18 48 13



  • According to Tsukiko Uchida (a Yuichi Asami fangirl), she met Haruka Sato (a Kosuke Saito fangirl) in elementary school. Then, she met Tomiko Kai (a Sota Fujimori fangirl) by moving to another school with Haruka when Yuri Moto (a Naoki Maeda fangirl) moves from Osaka, then they all met her back then.
  • The interview revealed that Katsuro Takahashi is Yuri Moto's cousin. His mother is her mother's sister.
  • Beat-To-Beat Movement's CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows, which are the same as the other songs, like Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, All Things When Things Go Crazy, and Elastic Wings.
  • Beat-To-Beat Movement shares BPM with Party by the Starlight.
  • Beat-To-Beat Movement's background has Yuichi Asami, Kosuke Saito, and Osamu Migitera on the top, and Ryutaro Nakahara on the bottom below Yuichi and Kosuke.
    • The jacket has the same guys, but going by clockwise: Yuichi, Osamu, Ryutaro, and Kosuke.
    • There are some other further songs with Yuichi, Kosuke, Ryutaro, and Osamu in the graphics.
    • This is one of the songs that only show one idol of TP-TH-7, and not the other two (Sota Fujimori and Naoki Maeda did not appear in this, only Yuichi Asami did).
  • Beat-To-Beat Movement gives the style of dance-synthesized genre.
  • Beat-To-Beat Movement has a soundbite: "Get on the dance floor!"