Beautiful Gems is a song arranged by TP-TH-7 under Bejeweled songs, and Move It series.

Beautiful Gems

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I realize that I also played Bejeweled 3, one of the games other than DDR. I guess that was very interesting. What I've heard from Krista Ulrich that we might going to have Bejeweled play-off on a Febuary other than watching a big football game. I love the title, Beautiful Gems, which kind of reminds me of Bejeweled games. My favorite gem is shaped like a diamond. It's my color, blue.

Tomiko KaiEdit

This is one of the best times we have so far. Bejeweled is a better game than Candy Crush, as Tsukiko Uchida, Yuri Moto, and I say. Don't forget that red gem is my favorite of all of them in the game, because it almost looks like the shape of the square.

Yuri MotoEdit

My favorite Bejeweled gem color is yellow. I like 45-degree tilted gems.