Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ is a remix of "Blood" by the Moment Spirit, that is part of Heavy-Metal remixes, Boss Rush, and Speedy series. Because of the original's lyrics, it is part of vampire boss pairs along with other songs.

Blood (The Moment Spirit Remix)

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

It flies by. The Moment Spirit's first and only album they're going to release is "Blood". We found out the self-titled song to it. At first, we did made them easy enough, but I made them harder to be the part of every other boss songs, because if you look there are steps similar to my favorite song. Though, we have another Blood remix that will have BEGINNER chart rating 9, though, I know what it was like playing Fascination ~eternal love mix~ BEGINNER today. Krista Ulrich has the best lyrics of the song with the vampire story inside of it!

Tomiko KaiEdit

I thought about this on my mind over this song. It used to be 100 BPM to 200 BPM, but it is now from 100 BPM to 400 BPM. I could imagine how many jumps there will be when you get much harder for it.

Yuri MotoEdit

I got involved with Tsukiko Uchida and Tomiko Kai with myself over this remix. I guess we did pretty good.

Charts Edit

Level 7 10 12 15 18
Max Combos 151 243 343 531 525
Jumps 21 42 14 26 75
Freeze 6 14 17 26 13