Blue (In One's Life Mix) is a remix of "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by Eiffel 65 that is remixed by TP-TH-7 and is part of Move It series and Pop Remixes.

Blue (In One's Life Mix)

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I have notice something that always happen in the Moment Spirit universe - turning blue! I still can't remember, but I kind of liked the movement to the song. For the graphics, I really laughed at the background and jacket, whenever you see Des-ROW, Sho-T, NAOKI, SySF, and TAG were having panic with U1 being blue.

Tomiko KaiEdit

I really agree with Tsukiko Uchida. It really happened to one of the Moment Spirit fans as a curse. Well, you all understand the reason why we have to arrange this song. It's all over the place right now.

Yuri MotoEdit

For that song, the 87-BPM part is shuffle, and 106-BPM part is all regular.



  • Like Demon-S- ~Darkest Hour remix~, the song's graphics don't have its original's artists (Eiffel 65), but it has BEMANI artists there. In the background and jacket, it has Yuichi Asami (being blue), Naoki Maeda (on floor), Sota Fujimori (hands on head), Yasuhiro Taguchi (standing), Shoichiro Hirata (behind the walls, bottom), and Osamu Migitera (behind the walls, top).
    • According to Tsukiko Uchida's interview, she got them their aliases.
      • Des-ROW is Osamu Migitera.
      • Sho-T is Shoichiro Hirata.
      • NAOKI is Naoki Maeda.
      • SySF is Sota Fujimori.
      • TAG is Yasuhiro Taguchi.
      • U1 is Yuichi Asami.
  • The song changes BPM. It starts with 87-BPM shuffle. It speeds up 89-91-95-100 as one measure in each beat, and goes to 106-BPM regular 1/16th note.
    • Also, being 87 BPM is Move It series part, since Move It series are only songs with BPM of 80 to 179.
    • For speed-up, 89-91-95 are considered as shuffle, and 100 is considered as regular.
  • Blue (In One's Life Mix) is one of the pop remixes.