Blue Illness is a song by TP-TH-7 that fits best under Move It series.

Blue Illness

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I thought it might be 108 or 106 BPM, but 100 looks much easier for me. Even though Fascination ~eternal love mix~, my favorite song starts by running 100 BPM. I come up with the title, Blue Illness. If it was 200 BPM, it would have ended up being on Speedy series, but 400 BPM makes it a Boss Rush series. What I have heard about the Moment Spirit fan, is he turns blue, but sometimes he gets sick at some point.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Tsukiko Uchida comes up with this title, and she was right about that. 200 to 400 is impossible to put for this 100-BPM song. Although, it was alright for now on, but it is now better off.

Yuri MotoEdit

I must need some people to understand the fact about Tsukiko Uchida, over where she always gets the titles from.