CHALLENGE Charts are the hardest chart of TP-TH-7 guidance. It is also known as EXPERT in Stepmania, and CHALLENGE/EXTRA/ONI in almost all DDR games.

Difficulty Guide Edit

CHALLENGE charts are categorized blue in Stepmania, but is categorized in purple-indigo-blue in DDR games. Unlike TP-TH-7, not all DDR songs have CHALLENGE charts. All TP-TH-7 songs have 1/16th notes in CHALLENGE charts. Most songs' CHALLENGE charts are famous with having 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows each. Some CHALLENGE charts in Boss Rush series songs are overwhelming.

Favorite Song's CHALLENGE Chart Rating Edit

  • Tsukiko's favorite song, Fascination ~eternal love mix~, is rated 10 in the classic scale, and 18 in X scale.
  • There are no CHALLENGE charts assigned within other thirteen favorite songs of TP-TH-7 and the Gang.

75-Jump/13-Freeze Songs Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Tsukiko Uchida appears on the "SELECT-A-CHART" as CHALLENGE chart.
    • Tsukiko is the only one whose favorite song has CHALLENGE chart, via Fascination ~eternal love mix~.
  • Not all DDR songs have CHALLENGE charts, in fact.