Charming Petunia Norris Family is a legendary theme song by TP-TH-7 under Speedy series.

Charming Petunia Norris Family

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

We assigned ourselves the new fairy-tale story, Petunia Norris and the Chambers. We made this theme song about her. She's a centaur-human transaction. She is a human during daylight, and a centaur during nighttime. She has her husband as a squirrel, her four daughters as fairy, her son as a frog, another son as a bird, and two pets.

Tomiko KaiEdit

I thought about the moment with this woman's legends. Her family's much of a fairy-tale, which is why she's been in much of her lone time.

Yuri MotoEdit

Well, that should be something we were about to create.

Charts Edit

Level 4 6 10 13 18
Max Combos 147 214 407 463 495
Jumps 14 22 29 26 75
Freeze 6 16 34 24 13



  • Charming Petunia Norris Family's BPM is maximum of 212, but has its half from the beginning, like what Along with the Clarity has.
  • Charming Petunia Norris Family's CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows.
  • According to Tsukiko's interview, she is a human during daylight, and a centaur during night. In the graphics, it is daylight. As soon as it is nighttime, her body will change with her bottom half being the horse mane.
    • Also, the fairies are her daughters, the bird and a frog are her sons, the squirrel is her husband, and the duck and a cat are her pets.
    • Most infamously fairies from Frequent Life of a Fairy (5 BPM lower than max, 2 BPM lower than min) would be Yuichi Asami being the blue one, Sota Fujimori being the red one, Naoki Maeda being the yellow one, Kosuke Saito being the cyan one, and Junko Karashima being the pink one.
  • Charming Petunia Norris Family is a theme song for TP-TH-7's fairy-tale creation, like MAKE IT UP (which also has 106 BPM).
  • The beginning of a song looks a lot like classic tunes, but it has electronic tunes according to TP-TH-7, who has electronic genre.