Drac Ends Up in Japan is the Sims 4 movie-like video created by Krista Ulrich, creator of the Moment Spirit franchise (which TP-TH-7 is part of).

Plot Edit

The plot is being remade.

Characters Edit

  • Yuichi Asami, known for being Tsukiko Uchida's idol
  • Sota Fujimori, known for being Tomiko Kai's idol
  • Naoki Maeda, known for being Yuri Moto's idol
  • Kosuke Saito, known for being Haruka Sato's idol
  • Hiroyoshi Kato, known for being Makoto Suzuki's idol
  • Ryutaro Nakahara, known for being Megumi Yamazaki's idol
  • Osamu Migitera, known for being Kasumi Miyamoto's idol
  • Takayuki Ishikawa, known for being Tsubasa Abe's idol
  • Shoichiro Hirata, known for being Ayumi Kimura's idol
  • Yasuhiro Taguchi, known for being Mizuki Matsumoto's idol
  • Akira Yamaoka, known for being Rin Oshiro's idol
  • Tomosuke Funaki, known for being Rena Sakura's idol
  • Hiroyuki Togo, known for being Emi Kobayashi's idol
  • Junko Karashima, known for being Katsuro Takahashi's idol
  • Vladimir Drac, a vampire who is on a cruise, but ends up being stuck in Japan until his ship is fixed
  • Miyu Uchida, a girl who loved to dance to Fascination ~eternal love mix~
  • Yasu Nakajima, the gang member
  • Goro Kawaguchi, the gang member
  • Kyou Nishimura, the leader of the gang
  • Arata Maki, the gang member
  • Kiyoshi Kita, the gang member
  • Rokuro Nakano, the gang member
  • Aki Hisakawa, the female member of the gang
  • Ikue Yamaguchi, a female expert bowler
  • Taichi Yamaguchi, Ikue's clumsy brother
  • Hideaki Kizawa, a bowler who accidentally threw a bowling ball at the ceiling while bowling
  • Meiko Sato, blue-side chef
  • Ayako Nagasako, host of cooking show
  • Kuniyuki Honjo, red-side chef
  • Sayumi Kaname, young taste tester
  • Natsue Ishimoto, elderly taste tester
  • Masabumi Nagata, male taste tester
  • Tomoyo Katori, a woman at Meiko's Cook-Off
  • Yasuko Hamada, Tomoyo's sister
  • Hiro Katori, Tomoyo's husband
  • Tadashi Katori, Hiro's older brother
  • Nanako Katori, Hiro and Tomoyo's daughter
  • Ayako Kinzokushi, a metal listener
  • Martha Drac, Vlad's wife, and a vampire woman who worries about her spouse being stuck

Song Appearance Edit

Custom Songs Edit

Songs Played at Bowling Alley Edit

  • Move Your Feet
  • Try 2 Luv. U

Trivia Edit

  • Miyu Uchida is the inspiration of Tsukiko Uchida, since both have the exact same surname, and loved the song "Fascination ~eternal love mix~.
    • Meiko Sato also share the same surname as Haruka Sato.
  • The creators of "What's with kors k?" are Tsukiko Uchida, Tomiko Kai, Yuri Moto, and Haruka Sato, since their names written in Japanese are shown.
    • Tsukiko's idol, Yuichi Asami appears as 2MB, Tomiko's idol, Sota Fujimori appears as BONUS member, and Yuri's idol, Naoki Maeda appears as Sunburned-Bedheaded NM. Haruka is the only one of the gang that joins in to create the video, since her idol is Kosuke Saito.
  • Every single time, after Drac's ship getting destroyed, when anyone talks about that, he turns them into vampires.
  • The TP-TH-7 song "Bitten by One at Broken Boat" plays as the theme song of the show.
    • Its CHALLENGE chart is shown as the background while the end credit rolls.
  • Drac's full name is Vladimir Drac, while his wife's full name is Martha Drac.
    • Drac is the reference of Dracula.
  • When Junko sings "Mugen", there was a missing member, Naoki! Actually, she is singing in the daylight, which Naoki is asleep.
    • During that point, Naoki is a vampire. Vampires are not allowed to stay up during the day, as they can die sizzling from the sun, and turn into ash. Naoki is the third vampire, since Sota is the second vampire, and Yuichi is the first vampire.
  • There are errors through the video. Examples:
    • Drac's button over his sleeves in cartoon intro.
    • Ikue's gloves and shoes change the colors more often as she bowls or waits.
    • Yuichi cheering while Osamu transforms into vampire. He is supposed to be stressed out than cheering, in fact, Yuichi is a vampire.
    • From "What's with kors k?", the first part of video was off sync.
    • The gang run from the tall house while trying to get in touch with the seven there rather than stomping.
    • In the background from the windows of both tall and short houses, there are characters from Sims 4 and their expansion or game packs, in fact, they'll not be mentioned in those videos.
    • While transforming into a vampire, Junko's voice is not being heard.
  • The way that Drac fails to throw a bowling ball is the same experience as Taichi Yamaguchi from earlier.
  • The hole that Hideaki Kizawa made earlier at the bowling alley over the ceiling is shaped like a number "2".
  • One of the running gags is Drac transforming anyone into vampires after that person mocks his broken ship, Tomosuke trying to wake up Hiroyuki up, guys at tall house passing out, guys at short and tall house getting bored during daylight, and Yuichi using computer to watch funny videos.
  • That gang that wear the same clothes are the all-man group, but Aki is the only female in the group, since pink is a meaning of feminine.
    • The entire group of gang are antagonists. They acted cruel towards Miyu as she is busy dancing.
  • Junko's coffin is white, instead of black, because all males have black coffin, but Junko is a female.
  • Two songs, Block Rockin' Beats and Fascination ~eternal love mix~ makes Point to the Top's ending at the kitchen scene.
  • In the fifteen-screen part, all fourteen showed their fangs, and their glowing red eyes while they're about to attack Drac for their peace.
  • According to Krista Ulrich's interview, Drac is the main antagonist to Drac Ends Up in Japan, while Yuichi Asami is the main protagonist. The title has a villains' name on it, just like TP-TH-7 and the Gang with the Riot Gurlz!

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