Elastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~ is a Faultflex remix of "Elastic Wings" by TP-TH-7 under Speedy, Boss Rush series, and Faultflex remixes.

Elastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Kind of getting used to it like Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ today. Out from our first composition, Elastic Wings have brought us to lives. After INEXPERIENCED was new to us, we introduced ourselves the Faultflex remixes. They're only Speedy series, so we made its highest being 212 BPM. This has not been the first time we remixed non-boss song into the boss song, since MAKE IT UP has two of them.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Well, we played fair enough. Right away, our Faultflex remixes are usually faster than any other songs, topping them all out.

Yuri MotoEdit

Yeah, we're used to Speedy series for all Faultflex remixes.



  • Unlike the original Elastic Wings song, Elastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~ is a Boss Rush series song. Its EXPERT chart is rated 15.
  • Elastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~ does have the numbers of jumps and freeze arrows on its CHALLENGE chart exactly like its original. Also, shares that amount with all vampire songs, Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, 7 Vampires in a Crowded Personal Space, Creature of the Night, FP-INHUMANITY, and Bitten by One at Broken Boat.
  • The same guys from its original appear, with Sota Fujimori (red), Kosuke Saito (orange), Naoki Maeda (yellow), Takayuki Ishikawa (green), Yasuhiro Taguchi (cyan), Yuichi Asami (blue), and Akira Yamaoka (purple).
    • Tsukiko Uchida is on the blue, Tomiko Kai is on the red, and Yuri Moto is on the yellow. Each of their colors represent what color their idols are on.
  • 212 BPM is the double of 106 BPM.
    • Also, the song uses 70.667, which is double of 35.333 BPM. It displays as 71 BPM, but it is rounded.
  • Elastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~'s graphics are darker than its original. It is all black instead of blue and colorful.
  • Sky High Girl doesn't even exist in graphics, just like its original.