Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit Remix) is a remix of "Embarrassments" by the Moment Spirit by TP-TH-7 over Move It series and Heavy-Metal Remixes.

Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit Remix)

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

One day, while we were with the Moment Spirit, one of the members got embarrassed after walking in on people with no clothes! That made us remix that song with it. I never knew this band had the song title "Embarrassments" to it.

Tomiko KaiEdit

I felt bad for one of the Moment Spirit members, but they knew what song they come up with. That's why we ended up with that song with our blushy red cheeks.

Yuri MotoEdit

Yeah, things can come up with this, which we have to get over it.

Charts Edit

Level 2 4 6 10 11
Max Combos 81 129 161 213 302
Jumps 19 34 36 33 41
Freeze 2 16 20 23 23



  • The BPM of Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit) displayed at 120, but before the first step, it was 30 BPM.
    • Despite of being 120 BPM, the original's lowest point is 130, because of being 260 BPM.
  • The two guys shown in graphics are embarrassing each other, with one in the bathtub. It's called privacy embarrassment. This happened in Don't Make Me Want To Start Again.
    • Despite that Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit Remix) is part of Move It series, Don't Make Me Want To Start Again and YAAAAAAAAARRGH!!! are part of Speedy series (due to being a 260-BPM song, and highest point Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit Remix)'s original version).
  • This will constantly play during humiliation.