Emotional Purposes is a song by TP-TH-7 under Speedy series.

Emotional Purposes

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

There are fourteen emotions that are best fit within the graphics, whenever my idol is showing expressions, in cartoon version! Alway have anger, love, happiness, sadness, inspiration, confidence, boredom, embarrassment, misery, laughter, daze, energy, stress, and focus.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Nothing else is worth having emotions. There's always another way to keep up those good work! This is coming our own way.

Yuri MotoEdit

Yes! The emotional songs are pretty cool enough.



  • Emotional Purposes's CHALLENGE chart has the same amount of jumps (75) and freeze arrows (13) as of other songs, including Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, Stress, and Elastic Wings.
  • All emotions over the graphics are each expressions of Yuichi Asami, but the color codes come from the Sims 4.
    • Blue is confidence (confident/fearless)
    • Green is happiness (happy/elated)
    • Dark blue is sadness (sad/depressed)
    • Red is anger (angry/furious/enraged)
    • Cyan is inspiration (inspired/imaginative)
    • Yellow is embarrassment/humiliation/mortification (embarrassed/humiliated/mortified)
    • Gold/orange is tension/stress (tense/stressed)
    • Pink is love (flirty/passionate)
    • Magenta is laughter (playful/silly/hysterical)
    • Lavender is daze (dazed)
    • Orange is misery (uncomfortable/miserable)
    • Purple is focus (focused/in the zone)
    • Lime green is energy (energized/pumped)
    • Gray is boredom (bored)
  • With the banner, all the red is above negative emotion colors (red, lavender, dark blue, yellow, gold/orange, orange, gray), and all the green is above positive emotion colors (pink, purple, blue, green, magenta, lime green, cyan).
  • Emotional Purposes have brought up emotion colors that are based on ones from the Sims 4, and there are two songs with the Sims 4 creations in each graphics.
  • Emotional Purposes is one of the songs that change BPM, and have a single stop.
  • Emotional Purposes's key signature only has one sharp.
  • In the red (anger), it looks like the reaction Tsukiko Uchida, Tomiko Kai, and Yuri Moto have whenever their idols are threatened.