FP-INHUMANITY is a song composed and arranged by TP-TH-7, and best fits with Speedy and Boss Rush series.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

FP-INHUMANITY is a legendary vampire series that nobody ever thought about it before. Yes, I said "vampire", it's unbelievable! We had to go through much of BPM changes, such as starting the lowest point, and ending the highest point. Try to be sure to play this at night rather than daytime, especially being a vampire, though as a regular human! No one else can threat my idol Yuichi Asami, and nobody can!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Tsukiko Uchida was right about all that. Literally, this comes from that, I thought so, too. Maybe something else would have been accepted.

Yuri MotoEdit

I'm glad this worked out pretty okay. I went through a lot of this.