Fairy Elemental is a springtime song made by TP-TH-7. It is best under Move It and Seasonal series.

Fairy Elemental

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Coming to the realization, we thought that 130 BPM was a great choice, but the stop threw my tomboy counterpart Yuri Moto down, so we decided to make it 30 BPM faster! I had talked with Tomiko Kai about that earlier, too, alongside with Haruka Sato. Though, it has to be a springtime song, because when it comes to flowers and cherry blossoms, it should be! Yeah, and especially fairies, too!

Tomiko KaiEdit

When I think about it soon enough, maybe this is the best song to be played on April and May. I know for the fact about it, and late March, too!

Yuri MotoEdit

Thanks to my girly counterpart Tsukiko Uchida, I knew 130 BPM would make it over two minutes, too!

Charts Edit

Level 4 5 7 11 15
Max Combos 134 174 264 358 378
Jumps 25 37 38 33 75
Freeze 6 26 55 21 13



  • Fairy Elemental's graphics are usually the good one, because there are four elemental fairies as BEMANI artists. Yuichi Asami is the water fairy in this, as long as Sota Fujimori is an air fairy, Naoki Maeda is an Earth fairy, and Kosuke Saito is a fire fairy.
  • Fairy Elemental has one stop in the beginning.
    • The song is not supposed to be 130 BPM (due to Yuri Moto reasoning like on A Thousand Markers), but Tsukiko Uchida has ideas of making it 30 BPM faster (which is 160 BPM).
  • Fairy Elemental's CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows, just like SERVANT Of The GARDENS.
  • Fairy Elemental is a springtime song.