Flying Witch is one of the Halloween songs by TP-TH-7 under Seasonal and Groovin' series.

Flying Witch

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

It's not the only Halloween song. The speed of a song is very controllable. Yuri Moto did not want a stop on a 130-BPM constant, like it happened in banned A Thousand Markers, so I decided to speed up in the middle of a song. It's very helpful. Flying Witch is one of the greatest Groovin' series songs ever.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Watch out for the speed-up. Tsukiko Uchida made this plan through that song. And even one single stop, too. We all have plans around Halloween, because it's coming right up. At least you know what this is about.

Yuri MotoEdit

I want to thank Tsukiko Uchida for a speed-up idea while having a stop in 130-BPM Halloween song.


Level 2 5 6 11 13
Max Combos 49 153 216 277 311
Jumps 3 21 10 31 53
Freeze 2 6 22 6 14



  • BEGINNER chart of Flying Witch should have been rated 1 for being too easy, but since the song's BPM is up to 200 BPM, it is rated 2.
    • At least this song is just only on Groovin' series. Most of the song is Move It series, but there is Speedy series section.
  • Flying Witch has one stop. Even though it is 130 BPM, Yuri Moto did not want a stop in a 130-BPM song. Tsukiko Uchida had an idea of speeding up to 200 BPM to work. They don't want another A Thousand Markers incident.
  • Sky High Girl makes an appearance in the graphics.
  • As what Tsukiko Uchida interviewed, Flying Witch is NOT the only Halloween song. There are even more, such as Ghosts, Haunted Life, UNDEAD, and Many Creatures in Square.