Frequent Life of a Fairy is a song by TP-TH-7 under the best category fit of Speedy series. The title was chosen by Tsukiko Uchida.

Frequent Life of a Fairy

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Like I always said every spring, I love fairies. They are very cute though. I thought I decided to choose a title for this song. There are more than just fairies I like. I do like vampires, too, but that one boss song, or the other two boss songs as well. Even a theme song also. Watch out that there are BPM changes between 103.5 BPM and its double!

Tomiko KaiEdit

I thought about Tsukiko Uchida. She chooses a fairy title to our song again. Wow, maybe I need to grab some snacks for breaks.

Yuri MotoEdit

Although, I needed to straighten up more files, on how many songs we've been tracking.



  • Frequent Life of a Fairy's background and jacket show five BEMANI artists depending on the colors. Yuichi Asami is blue, Sota Fujimori is red, Naoki Maeda is yellow, Kosuke Saito is cyan, and Junko Karashima is pink.
    • Pink is also a color of the feminine member, since Junko is a female.
    • Yuichi's effects are always blue. He is a blue fairy in this, just like the other songs.
  • Frequent Life of a Fairy's CHALLENGE chart share the same amount of jumps and freeze arrows as Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, Snacks, Files, and a Fairy, All Things When Things Go Crazy, MAKE IT UP, Stress, Anomaly Furious, Elastic Wings, and more.
  • Frequent Life of a Fairy's 104 BPM display is the reference of 103.5 BPM rounded. However, it doubled the BPM, making it 207 BPM, which is also the same BPM number as of INEXPERIENCED.
  • It was hard for TP-TH-7 members to create Frequent Life of a Fairy as a springtime song, because it does not have Japanese traditional instruments recorded, unlike Flowers of 桜, Fresh Air, Pixies Unite!, and All Tails and Sparks.
  • Frequent Life of a Fairy's EXPERT chart is rated 14, which means it is not a boss song.
    • Boss Rush songs should have BASIC, DIFFICULT, or EXPERT charts rating to be 15 to 20.
  • Frequent Life of a Fairy's key signature is natural, like Until Stars Rise, and Anomaly Furious.

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