Fresh Air is a springtime song by TP-TH-7 under Move It and Seasonal series.

Fresh Air

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Spring is in the air! No matter what you're seeing, let the freshness in the air pass by, and kill the snow, and this is the hope we're looking for. Pass the flowers by, and you'll be hanging around with daisies, and even cherry blossoms. If you can water the plants, you can grow them, but be very careful that thunderstorms might die down.

Tomiko KaiEdit

There's always good part, and bad part about spring. The good part is the sunshine, and the bad part is the rain. Everyone is different. We all get used to it. The rain was my childhood nightmare, as I speak.

Yuri MotoEdit

Even my birthday is on spring, the song itself should be good. The fifth of May is the day my age rise. After formation, I was about to turn sweet sixteen that day.



  • According to her interview, Yuri Moto's birthdate was May 5, 1998. This is one of the songs that discover TP-TH-7 members' birthday with DemonS (Darkest Hour Remix) (over Tsukiko Uchida) and Busy at the Veterans Corner (over Tomiko Kai).
    • TP-TH-7 was formed on April 23, 2014. What she said she was about to turn sweet sixteen after formation. 2014 - 16 = 1998.
  • Fresh Air is one of the springtime songs by TP-TH-7, alongside with Flowers of 桜, All Tails and Sparks, and Pixies Unite! (with the gang).
  • Fresh Air has Sky High Girl holding daisy in its graphics.
  • Just like all springtime songs by TP-TH-7, Fresh Air has Japanese traditional instruments that are partnered up with electronic instruments.

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