Good Time SHOWTIME is a song composed and arranged by TP-TH-7 under Move It series.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I love the beat to this 125-BPM song. I would never thought about it before. I was agreeing over our plans after we wrote Party by the Starlight, which I thought that song is 3 BPM slower than it is. We did pretty good over that song.

Tomiko KaiEdit

I never worry about everything else. This song is very much happy to me. I would never stop this until our party ends.

Yuri MotoEdit

This song is the great way to move it on with our party today.



  • Good Time SHOWTIME is 3 BPM slower than Party by the Starlight.
  • CHALLENGE chart is rated 16 for a reason. There are 106 jumps total in that chart. It is the highest amount of jumps than any CHALLENGE charts.
    • Every charts have the same amount of freeze notes as it is to 2MB's Fascination ~eternal love mix~. That's the song Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ makes best connections with (even its list, too!).
  • Yuni Verse from Dance Dance Revolution is shown in graphics.
  • When the song is on, the key signature is NOT natural. You can probably realize that there is one sharp as its key signature.

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