Heat of the Heart is a song by TP-TH-7 that can best fit under Move It series.

Heat of the Heart

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Summer was about to start right away. I love the heat. It's always in my heart. No matter how we can say, and we come up with the title that is what it will be referred to anyhow.

Tomiko KaiEdit

I agree with Tsukiko Uchida. This song is very catchy enough. It really fits best through the summer.

Yuri MotoEdit

The BPM is 133 1/3, not 133, because when it triples, it is 400, like LEGEND.



  • The BPM chart is displayed as 133 BPM, but the song runs 133.333 BPM.
    • It's because it is rounded to 133 BPM, the song doesn't make sense if it is 133.000 BPM, or else the steps will be off.
    • When it triples, as Yuri Moto interviewed, it becomes 400 BPM, just like how LEGEND is.
    • It comes to the whole point of Vampire Rose's lowest BPM range the same as this song. That one speeds up to 200 BPM, half of 400 BPM.
  • This song has triplets like DemonS (Darkest Hour Remix)'s 160 BPM section.
  • Heat of the Heart's banner, jacket, and background has Sky High Girl.