Hypercube is a remix of "Zen Mode, Part 2" from Bejeweled 3 that is arranged by TP-TH-7, and is best fit under Bejeweled songs, Speedy series, and Boss Rush series.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Hypercube is one of my favorite things in Bejeweled. On February, while the Moment Spirit have all weekend worth of playing that game than watching a big football game, I realized it was coming to the point that I can swap the one color, and watching the color the same go bye-bye. I've been also playing Bejeweled all year long. This song we've arranged has the BPM exactly like my favorite song! Two hypercubes together can clear the entire board. It's like remixing Blood from that band, if one, I'll mostly swap next to the blue!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Tsukiko Uchida has the best idea about it. Maybe it's time to get going! Maybe so-so. At first, we created that song 98-196-392, but the worse it gets, we have to end up get 100 the easiest, along with 200 and 400.

Yuri MotoEdit

Watch out for several BPM changes! You'll find out you're going to play Stars next time. They do look hard this point.