Instant Fun Island is a song composed and arranged by TP-TH-7. It is also best played during summer. It fits under Speedy and Seasonal series.

Instant Fun Island

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

What's more boring? Cold, winter, and doing nothing. What's more fun? Warmth, summer, and having fun out in the ocean, lake, or beach. There's always the island that is more likely instant fun! That's why we brought this song's life to you. You'll have a chance to become a merman or a mermaid!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Nothing else can fit other than that, this song seems to be more interesting. Thanks again for this wonderful warm time! It's better than being like that... freezing weather.

Yuri MotoEdit

I enjoyed summer more than I thought!


Level 6 7 10 13 18
Max Combos 177 227 316 419 423
Jumps 54 20 32 50 75
Freeze 16 8 30 25 13



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