This is the list of all TP-TH-7 songs made by that group. PLEASE NOTE: The list is outdated. It'll be updated as soon as possible.

Complete Edit

Made By Individuals Edit

Because some certain TP-TH-7 songs are only composed by one single member, there are no arrangements of one of the two members, but a composition is by the group, and arrangement is by only one.

Tsukiko Uchida Edit

Tomiko Kai Edit

Yuri Moto Edit

In Process Edit

Needs Improvements Edit

No improvements scheduled yet.

Removed Songs Edit

Some certain TP-TH-7 songs were removed due to any reasons by non-members, TP-TH-7 members, or the Moment Spirit members.

The * means that the song has the glitch in some point, and is being removed for good.

Upcoming Edit

  • TBA

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