15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-871K724 Hours of Darkness (The Moment Spirit Remix)
5557 Vampires in a Crowded Personal Space911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION
All It Matters, Makes It WorthAll Tails and SparksAll Things When Things Go Crazy
Along with the ClarityAnimal LandAnomaly Furious
Another One of Hard TasksArmy of StrengthsBEGINNER Charts
BEMANI Artist ConnectionsBalls of Fire (The Moment Spirit Remix)Beach Love
Beat-To-Beat MovementBeautiful GemsBitten by One at Broken Boat
Blast of the Winged Demons ~The Moment Spirit Remix~Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~Blue (In One's Life Mix)
Blue IllnessCALM (for comfort)CHALLENGE Charts
Christmas Unite!Cool Inside, Hot OutsideCreature of the Night
DIFFICULT ChartsDancing Dead (The Moment Spirit Remix)Days of the Survival Love
Deck the hallsDemonS (Darkest Hour Remix)Demons Nearly Lost You in the Meantime, Judith
Don't Make Me Want To Start AgainDrac Ends Up in JapanELECTROLIGHT
EXTREME HIGH LEVEL (The Moment Spirit Remix)Elastic WingsElastic Wings ~Faultflex mix~
Embarrassments (The Moment Spirit Remix)Emotional PurposesFall Through Failing Hope
Far Away Like a FantasyFascination In The SkyFascination Not Turnaround ~The Moment Spirit Remix~
Flowers of SakuraFlying WitchFrequent Life of a Fairy
Fresh AirGhostsGood Time SHOWTIME
Halloween Unite!Heat of the HeartHypercube
INEXPERIENCEDInstant Fun IslandKOWARETA (The Moment Spirit Remix)
Kyuseishu ShinpiLEGENDLEGEND (Electric Mix)
LEGEND (Rage Mix)LIGHT ChartsLegendary Foundation
Legends of a POISONOUS PERSON (The Moment Spirit Remix)List of Gang Provided by TP-TH-7List of TP-TH-7 Songs
MAKE IT UPMAKE IT UP (Trace of Techno 130 Remix)MAKE IT UP 100
MAKE IT UP 2MBMAKE IT UP 2MB (106 Mix)MAKE IT UP ~Faultflex mix~
MAKE IT UP ~True Blue Style~MAKE IT UP ~eternal infinity mix~MAKE IT UP ~love night mix~
MUSIC BRAVERYMermaniacMore Likely Nightly Template
More Likely Nightly Template ~Faultflex mix~OUTER LIMITv.v~INNER X71^.^PURPOSE 200
PURPOSE 200 ~B200 MIX~Pairs of skulls (The Moment Spirit Remix)Party by the Starlight
Pixies Unite!RIDE ONRIDE ON (The Final Goodbye Combination Mix)
ROUGHUE 800Ridin' Bejeweled HighRise of the Destiny
Severed Into Species (The Moment Spirit Remix)Sky High GirlSnacks, Files, and a Fairy
Snacks, Files, and a Fairy ~Faultflex mix~StarlightEXPO seriesStars and Flames
Step Back and Move ItStressSummer Blast
Survival of AltonsburgTECH-PROJECT -Fresh Technology-THE TRANSFER
TP-TH-7TP-TH-7 Official Band WikiaTRANSFER
TRANSFER (Song Distractions + Long Mix)TRANSFORMATiONTastes like Yummy Yummy mochi
The 12 Days of ChristmasThe Final GoodbyeThe Moment Spirit
The Nobolee ~The Moment Spirit Remix~The Teenage Inspection Squad ThemeTheme of the Epic Elements of the Force
Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce Remix)Timing BombTotal Destruction Demon
Triple-Double-QuartTsukiko's Berserk ButtonTsukiko's Berserk Button/Transcripts
Turning Fish ~The Moment Spirit Remix~U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVEUnexpected Takedown (The Moment Spirit Remix)
Until Stars RiseUntil my death arrives (The Moment Spirit Remix)Vacation Unite!
Vampire RoseWarm Inside, Cold OutsideWe Wish You a Merry Christmas
Whole AwakeningWhole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~Whole Awakening ~Berserk Button mix~
Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~Whole Awakening ~MOVE IT mix~
World Is SICK (The Moment Spirit Remix)YAAAAAAAAARRGH!!!

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