Party by the Starlight is a song by TP-TH-7 under Move It series.

Party by the Starlight

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I can't wait to party up with the Moment Spirit the next time I'm around with them! Without that 128 BPM song, we might not going to get everything straight enough.

Tomiko KaiEdit

We'll set up the party like that, and the starlight will glow around the room. That's what I'll do whenever I can.

Yuri MotoEdit

I'd wish I had the glow sticks hanging around the room.



  • When the banner was made first point, the title was mistakenly called "Party in the Starlight", which was all fixed.
    • Same thing happened with Balloons RYB, but with the artist instead.
  • Party by the Starlight was to make TP-TH-7 have a party around.
  • By TP-TH-7, this song afterwards has been 3 BPM less than Party by the Starlight, which is also 125 BPM. Now, there is a song that share BPM with Party by the Starlight.