SLEIGH RIDE is a Christmas song by TP-TH-7 under Move It series (Version B), Speedy series (Version A), or Groovin' series (Version C), and Seasonal series.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Christmas is coming around the corner! I can't wait for that to happen. Although, I've heard that the Moment Spirit's anniversary is on the 9th of December. For instance, if it was 2016, the band would be seven years old. For SLEIGH RIDE, I made up three versions for each of BPM: 216 with time signature 4/4 on Version A, and 108 with time signature 2/4 on Version B, and Version C with both. I can't wait to have the presents that are mostly from Yuichi Asami!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Tsukiko Uchida was right. Sometimes, it is a Speedy song, but sometimes it is a Move It song. I never thought this 216-BPM or 108-BPM song could track through all of this.

Yuri MotoEdit

If you struggle Version A, because it went too fast, try Version B! Even try Version C, too!



  • SLEIGH RIDE has three BPM versions, with Version A being Speedy series with 216 BPM, and Version B being Move It series with 108 BPM, and Version C with both BPM.
  • SLEIGH RIDE is one of the songs with more than one version that has different step level. BEGINNER is rated 2 on Versions A and C, and rated 1 on Version B.
    • It's because all Speedy series songs cannot be rated 1. If both of Groovin' series type are Move It and Speedy together, it can't be as well as rated 1.
  • SLEIGH RIDE's graphics has BEMANI artists in Christmas characters' style. Takayuki Ishikawa is sleeping, because he has the characteristics of a child during Christmas eve. Four guys are riding on a sleigh. Sota Fujimori is next to him, and is dressed as a Christmas soldier. Junko Karashima, who is outside the sleigh, is Rudolph. Naoki Maeda is dressed as Santa Claus, while Yuichi Asami is an elf.
    • Like every graphics with BEMANI artists, Yuichi has effect of a color blue. He's wearing blue hat and clothing.
    • Every idols of TP-TH-7 members are present. They're not the sleepyhead, or Rudolph. Yuri's idol is Santa Claus, Tomiko's idol is a soldier, and Tsukiko's idol is an elf.
    • For Christmas In July graphic fix, it added Kosuke Saito to the graphics.
  • As it is on Tsukiko Uchida's interview, the Moment Spirit's first formation year is December 9, 2009. Because of that, the band was seven years in 2016.
  • SLEIGH RIDE is one of TP-TH-7's Christmas songs with We Wish You a Merry Christmas, The 12 Days of Christmas, Deck the halls, Warm Inside, Cold Outside, and Christmas Unite! (which is with the gang).

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