Snacks, Files, and a Fairy is a Move It series song by TP-TH-7. The title was chosen by Tsukiko Uchida.

Snacks, Files, and a Fairy

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I just come up with a title, because I had a reasoning on removing 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION. Without having 140-BPM song by us, there's no way we can go through, so that song makes me a very special day. One of these days, it'll be like a YouTube video. My role would be a fairy.

Tomiko KaiEdit

That is one good point we come up with. I never thought we would knew it better, but you know for sure that we're coming up with 140-BPM song at once. The next time would. My role would be snacks.

Yuri MotoEdit

One of these days, this 140-BPM song will be worth it. My role would be files.