StarlightEXPO series has been provided by Brittany Myers herself. The original song is being danced on Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and Kickbox. She had three Asian bands work on the remixes for her. All-man Chinese kick stars Kickers (for Kickbox), trio Korean pop stars GB5E (for Pump It Up), and all-woman Japanese dance stars TP-TH-7 (for Dance Dance Revolution) have worked on the remixes.

Lyrics Edit

Flashing through the sky
You will be on command
Anywhere you will be shown and
I will hold it on today and tonight

Where is one best luck?
I have been on my back
When you smile it on my face
Within your honesty I have to come by

Spreading through my wings
I fly into the sky all the way
That I can see when you're the one
Who sees it onto the night

Walking to the moon
The stars are passing by and
My world is going by through the place
That I can go by right now

Wings are my word saying the ways
Together and we see it the truth is on
Within your own
Life is a life and that the blood is in
The remedy and the happiness comes into me

StarlightEXPO Edit

StarlightEXPO is an original song sang by Brittany Myers. It is her first single, and her first composition. It can be played on Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Kickbox. Japan's mix is by TP-TH-7, Korea's mix is by GB5E, and China's mix is by Kickers. It would be on Easy for Chinese range, Slow for Korean range, and Move It for Japanese range.

Song Interview Edit

Brittany Myers Edit

My name is Brittany Myers. I've worked on my very first single, calling StarlightEXPO. That song fits the best through Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, and Kickbox. I never thought about it before. I'd wish they get this all prepared before I realize. I found the three Asian bands, with six Asians. The Chinese men in a group are called Kickers, containing Xue Sung, Hua Chan, and Yazhu Ruan. They don't have favorite artists. The Korean group is called GB5E. They only have a woman, and two men, with being Kyung Chung, Young Gang, and Min-Jun Song. They have their favorite K-Pop groups, with Apink, Super Junior, and SS501. The Japanese women in a group are called TP-TH-7, containing Tsukiko Uchida, Tomiko Kai, and Yuri Moto. Their favorite artists are Dance Dance Revolution musicians, with Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, and Naoki Maeda. Well, Yuichi Asami has been my favorite Asian musician since the time where Dance Dance Revolution 4thMix was released.

Charts Edit

Dance Dance Revolution Edit

Level 1 2 5 8 -
Max Combos 49 118 193 349 -
Jumps 0 6 25 37 -
Freeze 0 12 25 22 -

Pump It Up Edit

Level - 2 5 7 -
Total Steps - 91 163 241 -
Jumps - 0 0 12 -
Holds - 0 12 17 -

Kickbox Edit

Level 1 3 7
Total Amount 10 14 36
Kicks 31 121 206

Gallery Edit

StarlightEXPO ~China Incumix~ Edit

StarlightEXPO ~China Incumix~ is arranged by Kickers. It is on Hard series (BPM range 170-999). The other series are Easy (0-119), Medium (120-169), and Expert (Harder difficulties). It can be played only on Kickbox (which these Chinese guys have planned on going for).

Song Interview Edit

Xue Sung Edit

I have no idea where this comes from, but we decided to make it just like 89 BPM, but this kicking experiences work out pretty well. Brittany Myers has great ideas with her very own first song that she worked on. Do you think you can be able to handle all of this kicking and punching over this 178-BPM song? You can do that!

Hua Chan Edit

Boy, where did I realize this comes from? Well, thanks again. I don't know how, but you'll be able to manage all of this kicking. We've worked on these songs like that together. I'm not wrong about that.

Yazhu Ruan Edit

Be very careful with this fast song, because you'll never be able to make it on time.

Charts Edit

Level 3 7 10
Total Amount 97 20 27
Kicks 12 162 278

Gallery Edit

StarlightEXPO ~Korea Incumix~ Edit

StarlightEXPO ~Korea Incumix~ is arranged by GB5E. It is on Fast series (BPM range 170 to 199). The other series are Super Slow (0-69), Slow (70-99), Slow-Medium (100-119), Medium (120-149), Medium-Fast (150-169), Super Fast (200-999), and Extreme (Harder difficulties). It can be played only on Pump It Up (dancing game by Korean company).

Song Interview Edit

Kyung Chung Edit

This has been a hard work for the first remix we've done. We have never worked on a remix before, just until right now. If you realize that, Brittany Myers's hit has been coming to Asia. We have to work on the Korean version for PIU. Until I listen to Apink song, I'll go for it. Glad the BPM doubles from the original. Good luck!

Young Gang Edit

Now, this is what I've realized before. First, we thought it was best to work on the remix, because of copyright violation, but that girl who sings that song wants to let us work over that, so we did. I'll be listening to Super Junior after this song.

Min-Jun Song Edit

Oh, yeah! The first remix. I'll be listening to SS501 after this, so it'll be all worth it.

Charts Edit

Level 1 4 8 11 -
Total Steps 30 137 215 393 -
Jumps 0 13 14 5 -
Holds 0 10 21 10 -

Gallery Edit

StarlightEXPO ~Japan Incumix~ Edit

StarlightEXPO ~Japan Incumix~ is arranged by TP-TH-7. It is on Move It series (BPM range 80 to 179). The other series are Relaxing (0-79), Speedy (180-999), and Boss Rush series (Harder difficulties). It can be played only on Dance Dance Revolution (dancing game by Japanese company).

Song Interview Edit

Tsukiko Uchida Edit

Brittany Myers rocks! Her favorite DDR musician is Yuichi Asami, which is the same as mine! My idol has always been Yuichi Asami, because of my favorite song, Fascination ~eternal love mix~. We also have worked on other remixes from other songs, like for Darkest Hour being this one, and other of our awesome remixes. This would never end. I'm glad no BPM changes, or stops occur with this. I've been looking forward for her to sing our song MAKE IT UP.

Tomiko Kai Edit

I never thought about this before. We did a very good job with this remix. Even though my idol is still Sota Fujimori. These days like that when we work on more remixes would never get too old.

Yuri Moto Edit

Ah, that's nice making another remix with a singer. I'd wish my idol, Naoki Maeda returns.

Charts Edit

Level 4 6 10 13 18
Max Combos 138 219 298 419 428
Jumps 12 23 21 39 75
Freeze 10 27 20 37 13

Gallery Edit


StarlightEXPO ~China Incumix~
StarlightEXPO ~Korea Incumix~
StarlightEXPO ~Japan Incumix~

Trivia Edit

  • StarlightEXPO's EXPERT has bunch of 1/16 notes from the beginning, and almost to the end.
  • StarlightEXPO's genre is ballad. The others have different genres, with Kicker's hip-hop, GB5E's pop-dance, and TP-TH-7's EDM (meaning Electronic Dance Music).
  • StarlightEXPO ~China Incumix~ sounded like 89 BPM.
  • Brittany's voice might be a little off the sync from each beats.
  • StarlightEXPO is Brittany Myers's first hit.
  • Two of StarlightEXPO remixes don't have either one of the graphics, which would be banner, jacket, or background. However, the original and Japanese version do use them for Dance Dance Revolution.
    • According to this, the graphics of original's color is purple, Chinese graphics are orange, Korean graphics are red, and Japanese graphics are blue.
      • Because of that, Tsukiko Uchida's favorite color is blue, and that's where TP-TH-7 chooses that color code from.
  • All StarlightEXPO songs don't have CHALLENGE charts, except for StarlightEXPO ~Japan Incumix~.
    • All TP-TH-7 songs have CHALLENGE charts.
  • According to Brittany Myer's interview, her favorite musician is Yuichi Asami, which is the same as the leading member of TP-TH-7, Tsukiko Uchida.
  • StarlightEXPO ~Japan Incumix~'s CHALLENGE chart has the same amount of freeze arrows and jumps as the other songs that TP-TH-7 also worked on, such as Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, U1-SySF-NAOKI MUSIC LOVE, 15-2.200-1~6ELECTRIK-87, Legendary Foundation, Elastic Wings, and more.
  • The bands have their own version of series. One of them has MAKE IT UP (thanks to Japanese band), which is the one that Brittany Myers might sing
  • Tsukiko Uchida has her very own interview that she's been looking forward for having Brittany Myers to sing MAKE IT UP.