Stars and Flames is a song that is arranged by TP-TH-7, being the remix of "Classic Mode, Part 3" from Bejeweled 3. It fits best under Bejeweled songs and Move It series.

Stars and Flames

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

There is a lot going on. When the big football game from February comes, we always play Bejeweled instead. It's because it gives a good feed to the Moment Spirit. We decided to build up more arrangements after that marathon.

Tomiko KaiEdit

It was much better. No one ever thought it could be true, but that song's BPM is exactly like my favorite song's BPM. It was all about it.

Yuri MotoEdit

Please don't forget that it is bouncy when playing this song, too.



  • Stars and Flames are based off two special gems: flame gems (four in a row), and star gems (L or T shapes) from Bejeweled.
  • In Stars and Gems, their CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows, which are the same from the other songs, including Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~.