THE TRANSFER is a song by TP-TH-7 that contains seven Dance Dance Revolution songs, that is under Groovin' series, Boss Rush series, and Video Game remixes.


Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Our neighbors quickly choose "Waiting 4 u", "WWW.BLONDE GIRL (MOMO MIX)", "un deux trois", and "LET'S GROOVE", which I want to thank them, because I don't want the gang to choose songs, because of how Tomiko Kai messed up over our old TRANSFER. For me, I choose "Fascination ~eternal love mix~".

Tomiko KaiEdit

I did apologized to Haruka Sato and Rena Sakura earlier for choosing their songs for old TRANSFER. It was a big mistake, then I removed it. I choose "Try 2 Luv. U".

Yuri MotoEdit

This is much better than TRANSFER. In fact, I choose the 100-BPM section of "WILD RUSH".



  • For song choices, four of them were chosen by TP-TH-7's neighbors. "WILD RUSH", "Try 2 Luv. U" and "Fascination ~eternal love mix~" were chosen by the members of TP-TH-7.
  • THE TRANSFER is much easier than TRANSFER. In fact for BPM, it count by 5's for each of them.
    • 100 (WILD RUSH)>115 (Try 2 Luv. U)>130 (LET'S GROOVE)>140 (un deux trois)>170 (WWW.BLONDE GIRL (MOMO MIX))>175 (Waiting 4 u)>200 (Fascination ~eternal love mix~)>400 (Fascination eternal love mix)>stop (Fascination ~eternal love mix~)
  • From Yuri Moto's choice, WILD RUSH, THE TRANSFER uses 100-BPM section of a song.
  • BEGINNER chart has up to down from transcending WILD RUSH to Try 2 Luv. U. Usually, BEGINNER charts have steps further away.
  • THE TRANSFER has one stop at the end, courtesy of Fascination ~eternal love mix~. It has the new soundbite of "We are connected", but it makes the female version (since Tsukiko is a female).
  • THE TRANSFER is a boss song, because of having Fascination ~eternal love mix~ on it.
    • According to this, Fascination ~eternal love mix~ is a boss song from DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA.
  • If any of these remixes are in, Yuri Moto uses her FACTOR-Y alias, Tomiko Kai uses her T.K.M.P. alias, and Tsukiko Uchida uses her 7MB alias.
  • This entire collection is five seconds longer than Elastic Wings.