TRANSFER was a removed song by TP-TH-7. Tomiko Kai made a mistake for choosing songs wisely, especially choosing the ones by idols of Haruka Sato and Rena Sakura.

Removal Interview Edit

Tomiko Kai Edit

My idol, Sota Fujimori's songs weren't part of this BEMANI remix. We're going to make a better version. I'm so sorry to Haruka Sato, and Rena Sakura for all of this.

Haruka Sato Edit

Tomiko Kai chose my idol's song, "smooooch", which was all that mistake. Hopefully, this won't happen again.

Rena Sakura Edit

I wasn't happy that "LOVE IS ORANGE" was a song Tomiko Kai chose. I wasn't expect to be that part of arrangement.



  • Due to not having Sota Fujimori's composition in parts of songs for Tomiko Kai, the song itself is finally removed.
    • Tomiko accidentally chose the two songs by idols of Haruka Sato and Rena Sakura, and the two others not by the gang's idols.
    • TP-TH-7 will have a newer and upgraded version called "THE TRANSFER". Every BPM speeds up to numbers that count by 5's.
  • TRANSFER is the second removed song by TP-TH-7 that have replacement, with first being 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION to Snacks, Files, and a Fairy.
    • Despite that, TRANSFER is now the first song to be removed with a song replacement, since 911 MISERABLE REVOLUTION is revived with graphic replacements.
  • TRANSFER had the following songs: "AM-3P", "KEEP ON MOVIN'", "Pink Rose", "SPEED OVER BEETHOVEN", "smooooch", "LOVE IS ORANGE", and "Fascination ~eternal love mix~".
    • Tomiko Kai should have never choose "Pink Rose", "SPEED OVER BEETHOVEN", "smooooch", and "LOVE IS ORANGE". In fact, it was her mistake.
    • "Fascination ~eternal love mix~" has the same ending part for TRANSFER's replacement.
  • Since TRANSFER has replacement, it will never revive.