The Teenage Inspection Squad Theme is a song by TP-TH-7 in Speedy series as a theme song for an RCT3/Sims 3 series, The Teenage Inspection Squad, which are going to be created by Krista Ulrich.

The Teenage Inspection Squad Theme

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I was wandering around what was going on with the Moment Spirit today. Before the deadline of RIDE ON (The Final Goodbye Combination Mix), Krista Ulrich comes up with a series for YouTube, which is called The Teenage Inspection Squad. Mostly, they're going to be made in RCT3, but I wander what on Sims 3 is like... maybe too cool.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Experiencing something new is always on our remarks behalf. Don't ever worry about it, Tsukiko Uchida, Yuri Moto, and I created this song to make it even better for our chance.

Yuri MotoEdit

There we go again, another theme song to work on.



  • Since Theme of the Epic Elements of the Force, MAKE IT UP, and Survival of Altonsburg, The Teenage Inspection Squad Theme is one of the theme songs being composed and/or arranged by TP-TH-7.
  • Despite of being on just Speedy series, the song itself has 100 BPM. It's because it's mostly 200 BPM.
  • Just like Rise of the Destiny, the graphics of The Teenage Inspection Squad Theme is created from Sims 3. Also, it was on the interview that Tsukiko Uchida had over this song.
    • It is also an RCT3 series, too.
    • The graphics are also updated as it is similar to the poster of a custom movie in Sandusky Coastline in Sims 3. It now includes one of the antagonists.
  • The Teenage Inspection Squad Theme is one of the songs that share BPM with any that has 100 and 200 BPM.