Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce Remix) is a TP-TH-7 remix of "Through The Fire And Flames" by DragonForce. It is part of Heavy-Metal Remixes and Speedy series.

Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce Remix)

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I have Guitar Hero 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 at my house. There's another remix of a Guitar Hero song since this Guitar Hero 5 song remix. The hardest song on Guitar Hero 3 is what we come up with as a remix. Who will ever think about something with this song? I am not a racist, especially when our enemies are.

Tomiko KaiEdit

This has been one of my favorite songs from Guitar Hero. Even though, we all enjoy DDR, we have our favorite music rhythm games.

Yuri MotoEdit

Another Guitar Hero remix is a very great idea.



  • Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce Remix) is one of the Heavy-Metal remixes that is on Guitar Hero, with DemonS (Darkest Hour Remix). Also, it shares its similarities with Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ about 200 BPM.
  • Similar with Animal Land and until my death arrives (The Moment Spirit Remix), the girl in the graphics of Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce Remix) is NOT Sky High Girl.
    • Sky High Girl only has no leggings, a red skirt, sky blue tank top, and brown eyes (courtesy of Army of Strengths). The girl has blue eyes, black jacket, red tank top, black skirt, red belt, and black linings. Also, she has pointy ears, too. That girl has black fingerless gloves on, but Sky High Girl doesn't.
  • The CHALLENGE chart has 100 jumps, which is the second highest, behind Good Time SHOWTIME.
  • BEGINNER chart has three 1/8 taps/steps.