Timing Bomb is a song that is arranged by TP-TH-7, that is part of the remix of "Time Bombs" from Bejeweled 3. It fits best under Groovin' series, and Bejeweled songs.

Timing Bomb

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Since every early February, if we're with the Moment Spirit, we have to make up the plans by playing Bejeweled all weekend through the time where the big football game was about to play. Nothing else would have happened, other than speeding up every 20 BPM, starting at 80 BPM.

Tomiko KaiEdit

At first, we thought we're going to make five to seven Bejeweled songs, but then we have to end up making more, since there's a lot going on with those songs. Maybe the game, too.

Yuri MotoEdit

This song's BPMs remind me of my favorite song as well.



  • Timing Bomb is based off Time Bombs from Bejeweled.
  • In Timing Bomb, their CHALLENGE chart has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows, which are the same from the other songs, including Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~.
  • Timing Bomb are ten of TP-TH-7's Bejeweled songs, along with Blazing Speed, Butterflies of the Gem Age, Treasure Underground, Ice and the Sky Gems, Beautiful Gems, Gem SuperNOVA, Ridin' Bejeweled High, Stars and Flames, and Hypercube.
    • Timing Bomb is a song that is from Time Bombs.
  • Timing Bomb's background has numbers on each bomb gems, where "seven" is on the green, "six" is on the yellow, "five" is on the orange, "four" is on the purple, "three" is on the red, "two" is on the white, and "one" is on the blue.
  • Timing Bomb begins with 80 BPM, and speeds up 20 BPM five times, which goes to 100 BPM, then 120 BPM, then 140 BPM, then 160, and then 180 BPM, which is part of Groovin' series. There are more that did the same thing, too. Also, it is the reference of Yuri Moto's favorite song, "WILD RUSH" by FACTOR-X.