Tsukiko's Berserk Button is a comic that is drawn by Krista Ulrich, creator of TP-TH-7 and the Gang, which is under the ownership of the Moment Spirit franchise. It shows everything that makes the members of TP-TH-7 frustrated when people say bad things about their idols.

Sections Edit

Section Name Japanese Name Details
0-0: Beginning 最初に First Off This begins with an introduction to the members of TP-TH-7, Tsukiko Uchida, Tomiko Kai, and Yuri Moto. They realize that people are threatening their idols, because they were hired for their stubborn enemies, WJ-IJ-5.
1-A: Birthday お誕生日 Birthday Bad things happen on September 1. Tsukiko Uchida and Yuichi Asami have the same birthdays, but people don't know how to cooperate on Yuichi Asami's birthday. This event takes place in September.
1-B: Halloween おかしな出来事 Spooky Event Some people might threat or make fun of Yuichi Asami on Halloween, which Tsukiko Uchida doesn't appreciate. This event takes place in October.
1-C: Thanksgiving アメリカンフィースト American Feast People can be very rude to talk bad things about Yuichi Asami at Thanksgiving table around Tsukiko Uchida. This event takes place in November.
1-D: Christmas 休暇イベント Holiday Event People don't even know how to keep Yuichi Asami alive on Christmas season, which irritates Tsukiko Uchida. This event takes place in December.
1-E: Valentine 恋人の空気 Lover's Air When Tsukiko Uchida falls in love with anyone who hates Yuichi Asami, it causes disasters. This event takes place in February.
1-F: St. Patrick アイルランドのイベント Irish Event Anyone can make fun of Yuichi Asami on St. Patrick's day, which is not a good thing for Tsukiko Uchida to think. This event takes place in March.
1-G: Easter エッグイベント Egg Event People always have fun on Easter day, but they like to threat or make fun of Yuichi Asami, which is bothering Tsukiko Uchida. This event takes place in March or April.
2-A: Public パブリック Public Some people talk bad things about Yuichi Asami in public. Tsukiko Uchida has the way to get out of this situation. Some people might be embarrassed.
2-B: Movies and TV Show メディア Media Some people talk bad things about Yuichi Asami while watching a movie or television series. Also, they do that while they do the media-inspiration. It can't be a good sign for Tsukiko Uchida to be with them for.
2-C: Scare and Surprise 怖がっている Being Scared Tsukiko Uchida is brave, and she knows how to scare people off every single time when they say bad things about Yuichi Asami.
2-D: Hazards and Risks 危険な状況 Dangerous Situation Dangerous things happen. When they threat or make fun of Yuichi Asami, they don't know how to be very careful, or else Tsukiko Uchida will slip them right off!
2-E: Food and Kitchen 食品事故 Food Accidents Tsukiko Uchida and one of the other people who threats or make fun of Yuichi Asami will end up with food fight. Also, the kitchen supplies work, too.
2-F: Animals and Pets 野生動物 Wildlife There are animals that can fight, and tear things off. When an animal befriended Tsukiko Uchida, they fight against the one who threats or make fun of Yuichi Asami.
2-G: Computer and Music 何もないのに楽しい Nothing But Fun Computer and music are more of the fun and entertainment to Tsukiko Uchida, but when it comes to people who can't stand Yuichi Asami, no matter what, they don't find their path.
2-H: Sports 健康と強さ Wellness and Strength Tsukiko Uchida thinks about when going to the gym. Some people can get hit by her with the ball for talking bad things about Yuichi Asami.
2-I: Bowling ボーリングでのバッドデイ Bad Day at Bowling In one day, a man is bowling and keeps on threatening Yuichi Asami, while Tsukiko Uchida is present. It really irritates her, and he does bunch of fails, especially around a woman who is playing bowling in her own lane.
2-J: Art and Coloring Activities カラフルな時間 Colorful Time Art is a mess, and that can be to anyone who threats or make fun of Yuichi Asami in front of Tsukiko Uchida. Photos are not the messiest of all.
2-K: Video Games and Arcade ビデオゲーム Video Games Tsukiko Uchida will end up with a competition against anyone who threats or make fun of Yuichi Asami. Also, she does the video game-inspiration actions.
2-L: Vacation and Travel 休暇中と外出中! In and Out at Vacation! During vacation, chaos happens around people who threat or make fun of Yuichi Asami. Tsukiko Uchida does the purpose to stop them. Anyone not from Japan would be deported from that country she lives in.
2-M: Sealife 海中に Under the Sea There might be some point that Yuichi Asami might be a merman. In this case, when they're trying to threat him by keeping him out without being in water, Tsukiko Uchida is up to them to stop.
2-N: Gender Confusion 間違った性別 Wrong Gender Some people thought Yuichi Asami is a female, and Tsukiko Uchida is a male, but this ends up with gender conversion, because Yuichi is a male, and Tsukiko is a female.
2-O: Vampires 吸血鬼の生涯 Life of a Vampire Yuichi Asami is a vampire in this section. People tend to start putting him outside while the sun's out, or making him eat garlic. Tsukiko Uchida has the best way to stop them all.
A: Ending 物語の終わり End of Story This ends with a protest about people who threats Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, and Naoki Maeda.

List of Comics Edit

Comic Name Japanese Name Section
Abnormal Sitting Experiences 棺の上の土 Sat on a Coffin 2-O: Vampires
Angry Birds Inspiration 鳥の鳥 Bird Against Pig 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
App in Thanks! Giving Table! おしゃべりアプリ、ディナーテーブル Farting App, Dinner Table 1-C: Thanksgiving
Ask-And-Answer Unexpection トリビアゲームから削除 Eliminated from Trivia Game 2-A: Public
Asking About Underwater スイミングフィッシュのような人間 Swimming Fish-like Human 2-M: Sealife
Back at the Face ボウリングフェイス Bowling Face 2-I: Bowling
Ball Incoming! 2バスケットボール、1ビッグボール 2 Basketballs, 1 Big Ball 2-H: Sports and Gym
Baseball Had Its Own 三振! Strikeout! 2-H: Sports and Gym
Bat in the Community! フライングヴァンパイアバット! Flying Vampire Bat! 2-O: Vampires
Beach Moment 砂の城が破壊された Sand Castle Destroyed 2-L: Vacation and Travel
Big Club Brawl! クラブでのファイティング Fighting in the Club 2-G: Computer and Music
Big Hero Funtime ビッグヒーロー6キャラクター Big Hero 6 Characters 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Bitten 首の咬傷 A Bite in the Neck 2-O: Vampires
Blasting Off Again! チームロケット爆発! Team Rocket Blast Off! 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Blood is the Substitute! 7パックの血の箱! 7-Pack Box of Blood! 2-O: Vampires
Blue Icing of Luck ブルーアイシングのドーナツ Donut with Blue Icing 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Boat Knockdown 海にぶつかった Knocked into the Ocean 2-M: Sealife
Box Surprise ボックスの人 Person in the Box 2-C: Scare and Surprise
Break-Up Punch 別れる Break Up 1-E: Valentine
Car Horn 予期しないトラフィックレポート Unexpected Traffic Report 2-L: Vacation and Travel
Caught On Camera カメラにかかった Caught On Camera 2-G: Computer and Music
Ceiling Hit ボーリング天井 Bowling Ceiling 2-I: Bowling
Chainsaw Law スマグラー The Smuggler 2-C: Scare and Surprise
Chair Back 椅子を後ろに引っ張った Chair Pulled Back 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Christmas Carol Interruption ホリデー合唱団の中断 Holiday Choir Interrupted 1-D: Christmas
Closet full of Bejeweled Gems クローゼットから飾られた宝石類 Bejeweled Gems from Closet 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
Crash and Tumble! いいえ目の階段との接触 No Good Eye Contact with the Stairs 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Crazy Russians with Colors 3つの国際フェラから3色 3 Colors Given from 3 International Fellas 2-J: Art and Coloring Activities
DDR Request but Played リクエストが遅れています Request is Late 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
Did Not Let Go ボウリングボールが指にくっついている Bowling Ball Stuck to Fingers 2-I: Bowling
Do Not Disturb 容易に邪魔される Easily Disturbed 2-A: Public
Down the Hole 陥没罠 Pitfall Trap 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Egg Explosion 爆発エッグ Exploding Egg 1-G: Easter
Electric Fence Shock 電気のフェンス Fence of Electricity 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Elevator Inexperienced エレベーターでの旋回イベント Turning over Event at Elevator 2-A: Public
Evil Snowman スノーマンの悪いサイン Bad Sign by Snowman 1-D: Christmas
Flying Frying Pan! フライパンの顔 Frying Pan Face 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Foamy Vengeance Trigger ケミカルランディング Chemical Landing 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Food Fight 食べ物との戦い Fighting with Food 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Football Failure サッカーでキックを逃した Missed a Kick at Football 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Garlic Inconsiderate! ニンニクアレルギーの結果 Garlic Allergy Result 2-O: Vampires
Grocery Store Mess! 食料雑貨品店で巨大な混乱を作る Making a Huge Mess at Grocery Store 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow ゴールドゴーンゴールド Going Gone Bald 2-A: Public
Head Window ウィンドウ打撃ヘッド Window Hitting Head 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Horse Kicks It Hard 馬と人間のミックスアップ Horse and Human Mix-Up 2-F: Animals and Pets
Incoming Zombie! ゾンビの夜 Night of the Living Dead 2-C: Scare and Surprise
Introduction 初心者 Beginner 0-0: Beginning
Into the Wrong Lane 自分の車線を使用する Use Your Own Lane 2-I: Bowling
It's "He", Not "She" エイリアスの混乱 Alias Confusion 2-N: Gender Confusion
Japan's Worst Stand-Up Comedian 悪いスタンドアップコメディアン Bad Stand-Up Comedian 2-A: Public
Kicked out off a Club 最近蹴った! Recently Kicked Out! 2-G: Computer and Music
Library Loudness 図書館の大きな男 Loud Man at the Library 2-A: Public
Making Fun of Nicknames モーメントスピリットのニックネームと問題 The Moment Spirit Nicknames and Issues 2-G: Computer and Music
Marching Dominoes! ドミノのような行為 Acts like Dominoes 2-G: Computer and Music
Merman Display 人間の海の展示 Display of the Human Sea 2-M: Sealife
Metal Vs. Classical さようなら、古典! こんにちは、ヘビーメタル! Goodbye, Classical! Hello, Heavy Metal! 2-G: Computer and Music
Mirror Non-Reflect ミラーリフレクションなし No Mirror Reflections 2-O: Vampires
Mixing Mess 不足している成分は混乱している! Missing Ingredients are a Mess! 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Monroe Takeout ワンピースとファン Dress and a Fan 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Movie Chaos 最悪の映画のハングアウト Worst Movie Hangout 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Multiplayers アーケードでの悪に対して良い Good Against Evil, at the Arcade 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
Naughty on the List その男のための存在なし No Present for That Guy 1-D: Christmas
Not a Male 間違ったトイレに Into the Wrong Restroom 2-N: Gender Confusion
Not So Rough Gold イベントの不運なターン Unlucky Turn of Event 1-F: St. Patrick
Nozzle Spot Kick そのスポットに Into that Spot 2-D: Hazards and Risks
Obnoxious Drawings 図面を描く Shedding Drawings 2-J: Art and Coloring Activities
Online Bully サイバー攻撃 Cyberbullying 2-G: Computer and Music
Out of Bound ボウリングレーンのスリップ Slips in Bowling Lane 2-I: Bowling
Packed with Foam フォームゾーンパイル Foam Zone Pile 2-H: Sports and Gym
Pantsing a Principal! 学校でパンツを下ろした! Pulled the Pants Down at School! 2-A: Public
Pets Fighting 猫と犬の戦い Cats and Dogs Fight 2-F: Animals and Pets
Phone and DDR Song 電話の回答はありませんが、それは歌です! No Phone Answers, but it's a Song! 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
Photo Moment 写真を真っ直ぐ見る Looking Straight at the Picture 2-J: Art and Coloring Activities
Pie! パイの顔! Pie in the Face! 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Plane Discovery アメリカへの飛行機! 男の希望はない! Plane to America! No Hopes for a Man! 2-L: Vacation and Travel
Protest 怒っている人々の群衆 Crowd of Angry People A: Ending
Roller Coaster Bad Moments シーダーポイントの乗馬人! Bad-Mouthed Riding Person at Cedar Point! 2-L: Vacation and Travel
Sat on a Whoopee Cushion おならを作る席 The Seats that Make the Fart Noise 2-C: Scare and Surprise
September the First 今月のお祝いの最初の日! First Day of the Month Celebration! 1-A: Birthday
Sims Reward シムズリワードのセキュリティテイクアウト Security Takeout at Sims Reward 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
Slingshot Apple Head Target 富士アップルターゲット Fuji Apple Target 2-E: Food and Kitchen
Sorry, Buster カントリーミックスアップ Country Mix-Up 2-N: Gender Confusion
Spider Scare! 8脚クリープ 8-Legged Creep 2-C: Scare and Surprise
Splashing Water Knockdown! 水でダンプ! Dumped by Water! 2-L: Vacation and Travel
Tetris Knockdown テトリスの崩壊 Falling Stack of Tetris 2-K: Video Games and Arcade
The Chase at the Zoo! 野生動物の追跡 Wild Animals Chasing 2-F: Animals and Pets
The End! クローズイン Closing In A: Ending
Trick-Or-Treat, Poké Ball Face! 内部のピカチュウなしのボール Ball to the Face without Pikachu Inside 1-B: Halloween
Tsukiko Dislikes Idol Being Werewolf ディスカバリーライカンロピーチャレンジ Dishonored Lycanthropy Challenge 1-B: Halloween
Tsukiko Vs. Darth Vader ライトセーバーファイト Lightsaber Fight 2-B: Movies and TV Show
Unwelcomed Sunlight サンとヴァンパイアを絶対に経験しないでください! Never Experience Vampire with Sun! 2-O: Vampires


  • Nozzle spot is another way to say "groin area" in the Moment Spirit franchise.
  • "Football Failure" was supposed to be on Section 2-H: Sports and Gym, but since it's got the inspiration of Peanuts, where Charlie Brown attempts to kick a football from Lucy, it ended up being on Section 2-B: Movies and TV Show.
  • Tsukiko is not the only one that is getting a berserk button to people who threats Yuichi Asami. Actually, Tomiko does this to people who threats Sota Fujimori, and Yuri does this to people who threats Naoki Maeda. That must be every members to TP-TH-7.
  • The Moment Spirit members make appearance in "Roller Coaster Bad Moments".
    • Also, Krista Ulrich and Tim Tsukuda both have their only appearances in "Making Fun of Nicknames" and "Multiplayers".
    • Ronald Reeves made his appearance in "Multiplayers", while Rhonda Warren made her appearance in "Making Fun of Nicknames".
      • Krista Ulrich's nickname is "Asami", while Tim's is "Yuichi".
  • Tsukiko hates when people transform Yuichi Asami into a werewolf. It causes her to faint. It shows that it was that title "Tsukiko Dislikes Idol Being Werewolf" is inspired by.
  • "Roller Coaster Bad Moment", "Multiplayers", and "Unwelcomed Sunlight" have made their appearance in the Moment Spirit original movie.
    • The Moment Spirit members and TP-TH-7 members must be on Millennium Force in order for "Roller Coaster Bad Moment" scene to work.
      • It did work. Sarah Mysterina works at Millennium Force exit station.
    • Krista Ulrich and Ronald Reeves must play "Fascination ~eternal love mix~" by 2MB in order for "Multiplayers" scene to work.
      • It actually did work. It was one of Krista Ulrich's three choices along with "Try 2 Luv. U" by S.F.M.P. and "WILD RUSH" by FACTOR-X.
    • Yuichi Asami must be a vampire in the Moment Spirit original movie in order for "Unwelcomed Sunlight" scene to work.
      • Gladly, Krista Ulrich's first line in the Moment Spirit original movie is "Yuichi Asami is now a vampire. He just became right as we arrived here." It did work.
  • Some of the comics are made seasonally.
    • "Trick-Or-Treat, Poké Ball Face" and "Tsukiko Dislikes Idol Being Werewolf" are made for Halloween.
    • "App in Thanks! Giving Table!" is made for Thanksgiving.
    • "Evil Snowman", "Christmas Carol Interruption", and "Naughty on the List" are made for Christmas.
    • "Break-Up Punch" is made for Valentine's Day.
    • "Not So Rough Gold" is made for St. Patrick's Day.
    • "Egg Explosion" is made for Easter.
  • Just like DemonS (Darkest Hour Remix)'s interview with Tsukiko Uchida, her birthday is on September 1.
  • On Metal Vs. Classical, the song that a guy who threats Yuichi Asami is listening to is by Mozart or Beethoven, however, with her being there, the song that Tsukiko changes to metal is considered as "Demon(s)" by Darkest Hour (the one that TP-TH-7 had the remix of)
  • In "Back at the Face", Tsukiko Uchida's U1-inspired glasses (or sunglasses) falls off while someone hits her with a bowling ball.
    • In fact, glasses or sunglasses might break if a bowling ball hits it. Gladly, it got off right before the bowling ball hits her in the face.
  • Thirty comics have Tsukiko Uchida wearing pigtail. She wears pigtails in the following comics:
    • September the First
    • Elevator Inexperienced
    • Monroe Takeout (lower)
    • Big Hero Funtime
    • Spider Scare!
    • Sat on a Whoopee Cushion
    • Electric Fence Shock
    • Down the Hole
    • Head Window
    • Chair Back
    • Blue Icing of Luck
    • Caught on Camera
    • Making Fun of Nicknames
    • Metal Vs. Classical
    • Obnoxious Drawings
    • Closet full of Bejeweled Gems
    • Multiplayers
    • Sims Reward
    • Phone and DDR Song
    • Roller Coaster Bad Moments
    • Boat Knockdown
    • Merman Display
    • Asking About Underwater
    • Bitten
    • Bat in the Community!
    • Mirror Non-Reflect
    • Abnormal Sitting Experiences
    • Garlic Inconsiderate!
    • Blood is the Substitute!
    • Unwelcomed Sunlight
    • Protest
    • The End!
  • Blood is the Substitute! reminds of Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, since it's all with vampire section.
  • In Photo Moment, a picture Tsukiko and a man are looking at looks exactly like "All Things When Things Go Crazy" graphics, which Tsukiko thinks, too.
  • Bejeweled gems, just like in "Beautiful Gems" make appearance in "Closet full of Bejeweled Gems".

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