Vacation Unite! is a summertime song composed by TP-TH-7, and arranged by TP-TH-7 and the Gang under Seasonal and Speedy series.

Vacation Unite!

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Summer is a lot more fun, when people don't even go to school, and stuff like that. It's more fun like riding roller coasters, too. You got to have summer, but if you made the summer more wintery, it screws everything up. My birthday is towards the end of summer, which surprised me in a moment, because I was the first-day-of-the-month baby, in September. Nobody else thought about this moment, so I decided to talk with the gang about Vacation Unite! It has been going on very well over these times. We have a lot of good summer songs with us, even another, though.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Too bad we ended up with RIDE ON (The Final Goodbye Combination Mix) towards the end of summer 2016, because of what was going on. That's why we only worked on Animal Land and Summer Blast one year. If you're looking forward for winter, don't bother this song.

Yuri MotoEdit

The gang did pretty good working on that song, though. I never imagined how, but this is kind of cool. One of these days, we'll work on non-seasonal songs together. Again.

Mizuki MatsumotoEdit

It's like we've been working together for all of this.

Haruka SatoEdit

The BPMs are exactly like my favorite song, though.

Tsubasa AbeEdit

I'd wish there will be more instruments, like I want to put piano tracks on.

Makoto SuzukiEdit

I'll never be bothered doing something else again.

Ayumi KimuraEdit

Looks like it's the tunes of Hawaiian festival.

Katsuro TakahashiEdit

My cousin has been looking forward for us to work together.

Kasumi MiyamotoEdit

I always drink grape juice during summer. That's all I like.

Megumi YamazakiEdit

At least gardening during warm-weather season is good.

Emi KobayashiEdit

Yeah, I'm enjoying this.

Rin OshiroEdit

The days are going by, we're on it.

Rena SakuraEdit

I'm always looking forward for the oranges.


Level 3 5 7 11 14
Max Combos 134 156 281 401 446
Jumps 9 18 26 30 50
Freeze 6 13 18 8 16



  • Vacation Unite! has graphics showing members of TP-TH-7. From Left to Right: Tsukiko Uchida as a mermaid, Tomiko Kai as a lifeguard, and Yuri Moto as beach volleyball player.
    • Tsukiko's idol, Yuichi Asami, has two summer songs with their graphics that have him as a merman.
  • Vacation Unite! is part of Unite! seasonal songs by TP-TH-7 and the Gang, alongside with Halloween Unite!, Christmas Unite!, and Pixies Unite!
  • Vacation Unite! has BPM being 100 to 200. The first section of 200 BPM acts exactly like 100 BPM. It also has one stop to the end.