Vampire Rose is a song by TP-TH-7 that runs best through Speedy and Boss Rush series.

Vampire Rose

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

Speaking of vampires, I have heard that Sims 4 finally had vampires in the game. Krista Ulrich now has it when it was released. I never thought about this moment. Even though, we made Vampire Rose. It is a boss song, thanks for Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ and Creature of the Night for also being boss songs too. Oh, and my favorite song on DDR is even the boss song, too!

Tomiko KaiEdit

It took us forever to get through all of this before we composed Vampire Rose. This arrangement is too crazy, even though we made it on time right as what Tsukiko Uchida says.

Yuri MotoEdit

Thank goodness we have been going through 133 1/3 BPM as the beginning, and then 200 BPM after the intro.



  • Vampire Rose's graphics show TP-TH-7 members, Tsukiko Uchida (center), Tomiko Kai (left) and Yuri Moto (right) in the bottom, and their idols, Yuichi Asami (center), Sota Fujimori (left) and Naoki Maeda (right) in the top. They're all vampires.
  • Due to vampirism boss section with Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~ and Creature of the Night, Vampire Rose is a boss song.
  • Vampire Rose is one of the songs like these two that have seventy-five jumps and thirteen freeze arrows total in its CHALLENGE chart.
  • There are 10 stops in the song. There are five that are close to each other in one of these two sections, making its 1/8 notes being 1/16 notes in DIFFICULT, EXPERT, and CHALLENGE charts.
  • The song's BPM is displayed 133-200. The first BPM is 133.333 BPM, due to being the triplet of 400 BPM. Although, 133.333 BPM section is mostly triplets, while 200 BPM is normal.
  • It took TP-TH-7 members days to get the song going on, since Sims 4 didn't had vampires yet until it was released.
  • Vampire Rose, like DemonS (Darkest Hour Remix), another boss song, started out with triplets, and then go to the normal.