Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~ is a boss song by TP-TH-7, under Speedy series, Boss Rush series, and Whole Awakening series. This song is now record-holder out of all TP-TH-7 songs.

Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

What's more difficult? Whole Awakening songs? Or my life with anyone threatening my idol? Probably that. I wasn't too happy with any of these guys who threat my idol, so we decide to make another Whole Awakening song, to show them whose boss! If Yuichi Asami stays alive, I would be happy. I'll be looking for this!

Tomiko KaiEdit

Now, that's Tsukiko Uchida for sure. Nothing else would have come to the end. This is what we are looking for, and otherwise, might as well we'll just keep going!

Yuri MotoEdit

Now, the standards are over! Whole Awakening remix, here we come!



  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~'s CHALLENGE chart share same amount of jumps (75) and freeze arrows (13) with other Whole Awakening songs, and also including Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~, MAKE IT UP, and Stress.
  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~'s graphic shows Yuichi Asami (blue-haired non-human), Naoki Maeda (yellow-haired), Sota Fujimori (red-haired), Yasuhiro Taguchi (pink-haired), and Kosuke Saito (blue-haired), just like other Whole Awakening songs.
  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~ is the longest Whole Awakening song, adding five seconds to the end.
  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~ beat several records, including:
  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~ has several BPM changes in the beginning. It started out 6.25 BPM, and then it has following BPM: 100 BPM, 133.333 BPM, 200 BPM, 400 BPM, 800 BPM, and 1600 BPM.
    • Like LEGEND, all TP-TH-7's songs control bass drum beat and BPM at the same time.
  • Despite that Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~'s BPM is displayed 6-800, its lowest is 6.25 BPM rounded, but the song is up to 1600 BPM.
  • TP-TH-7 members have to create another Whole Awakening song that would teach some bullies lesson.
  • Whole Awakening ~BEATStraNOVA mix~'s BEGINNER chart is being used as of latest DDR moveset, than earlier moveset. Although, it does have 1/12 notes, alongside with 1/16 and 1/8 notes.

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