Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~ is a remix of "Whole Awakening" by TP-TH-7 under Whole Awakening, Speedy, and Boss Rush series.

Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

There's another portion that drove us crazy in our special program - clock ticking! Just to imagine earlier, I was wandering around if we make another Whole Awakening remix, which was pretty cool, just like last time we did.

Tomiko KaiEdit

Sometimes, it won't stop ticking while we are doing our work. Maybe that's so-so. I don't think we're going to stop our Whole Awakening remixes.

Yuri MotoEdit

This is another Whole Awakening remixes without usual BPM changes.



  • Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~ is one of the only Whole Awakening songs without BPM changes. It kept at a constant 200 BPM.
    • It also has 42 stops that are the same, but the six are the additional of the original's stops.
  • Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~ is one of the Whole Awakening songs with the key signature not being 1 sharp, unlike the original and its Berserk Button remix.
  • This song has 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows on its CHALLENGE charts, just like other Whole Awakening songs.
  • Whole Awakening ~Clock Ticking remix~'s graphics has Yuichi Asami, Sota Fujimori, Naoki Maeda, Kosuke Saito, and Yasuhiro Taguchi, doing the same thing as the other songs.
  • This Whole Awakening remix, alongside with Whole Awakening ~MOVE IT mix~ is one of the songs whose BEGINNER chart isn't rated level 9.