Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~ is a remix of "Whole Awakening" by TP-TH-7 without the stops under Speedy, Boss Rush, and Whole Awakening series.

Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~

Song InterviewEdit

Tsukiko UchidaEdit

I know most people enjoy Whole Awakening songs very much, but they get too riled up with the stops! We don't know what we're thinking, but I'm thinking about constant moveset of speed without the stops. The BPM look very familiar with LEGEND (Rage Mix), Fall Through Failing Hope, and PURPOSE 200.

Tomiko KaiEdit

No wonder how Whole Awakening songs have stops. This is like what people know how it used to. That's what we were up to this point.

Yuri MotoEdit

That version should be any 130-BPM songs, which is what I want.



  • Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~ has BEMANI Artists in connection, like all Whole Awakening songs. Yuichi Asami (brown-haired non-human), Naoki Maeda (green-haired), Sota Fujimori (turquiose-haired), Kosuke Saito (black-haired) and Yasuhiro Taguchi (brown-haired human) appear in the graphics.
  • Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~'s CHALLENGE chart have 75 jumps and 13 freeze arrows, just like other Whole Awakening songs, especially with others like Blood ~The Moment Spirit Remix~.
  • Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~ is the only Whole Awakening song without the stops. The other songs have stops.
  • Whole Awakening ~Don't Ever Stop remix~ share BPM with Fall Through Failing Hope, LEGEND (Rage Mix) and PURPOSE 200. Unlike those songs, its BEGINNER chart is rated 9.